Sweating reduces risk of stroke

Sweating at least four times a week, as a result of performing moderate to intense exercise, can reduce the risk of stroke , particularly in men, according to a study of the University of South Australia .

The study, published in the magazine Stroke, considered more than 27 thousand people over 45 years who were followed for about 5 years, of which, the researchers observed that among men, only those who exercised with the same intensity four or more times a week had a lower risk of stroke .

"The benefits of decreased physical activity times are related to their impact on other risk factors." In fact, explains the specialist, inactive people are 20% more likely to suffer a stroke or a mini-stroke , that those who sweat to exercise in a moderate or vigorous intensity.

The research supports a previous study that details that physical inactivity has as one of its consequences the arterial hypertension , which, in turn, is one of the main risk factors to suffer a stroke or stroke.

However, when it came to women, the relationship between stroke and the frequency of physical activity was less clear, explains Michelle McDonnell, professor of Health Sciences at the University of South Australia.

In this sense, other investigations, such as the one carried out by the American Heart Association , explains that women who exercise, such as walking at a good pace and strong rhythm more than twice a week, had a 37% lower risk of suffering from stroke , that those who did not walk during the week.

Those women who walked only two hours a week, regardless of intensity, lowered their risk of stroke by 30%. Therefore, according to specialists, the exercise is undoubtedly one of the keys to reduce the risk of stroke both for men, as for women, since the main tool is to eliminate the factors that cause it.

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