iPhone rewards the exercise

Some people need an incentive to do exercise and not fall into the routine. Now this is facilitated thanks to a free application aiPhone call Nexercise , who oversees the physical activity (from running to doing weights) and reward users with products and discounts, with the aim that they adopt habits of exercise long-term.

"We are trying to create a lifestyle, not something transitory, we do not focus on how many kilometers you run or how many kilos you raise. healthy behaviors ", said the co-founder Benjamin Young .

According to information from Reuters , users can accumulate points based on the duration of the physical activity and by other behaviors that reinforce frequent exercise habits, such as exercise with a friend or on a rainy day, which allow you to accumulate extra points.

In this way, users with higher scores are more likely to get awards and those who have reached a higher level will have access to more valuable ones.

Young indicated that the chances of getting awards at the lowest level they are approximately 25%, and these range from gift cards from $ 5 to coupons to buy things like energy bars, up gift cards for $ 250.

One of the plans for the application includes a notification system to increase the commitment , for example, it detects that the user is motivated by the competition and will notify him when his friends get over it.

There are other similar applications, such as the call Earndit , also available in the App Store , Fitness are Runkeeper Y Nike , that count calories although they do not provide prizes like motivation .

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