7 infallible seduction tricks

Talking to a man we like can be a difficult task, especially if we are shy or quiet. In addition, we face the fear of appearing too daring or thrown. We do not want to scare them at the first contact, so we need to practice some seduction tricks.

Thinking about that, we made a list of seven tips that can help you so that he knows that you are interested without a wrong idea of ​​your personality.

1. Smile when there is eye contact: There's nothing wrong with giving him a smile when their eyes meet. We are talking about a casual smile that makes you see how confident and attractive you are. Do not exaggerate with the smile, you do not have to teach each one of your teeth.

2. Tell him he's good at something: Tell him how good he is for something specific. If you work together, it is very easy to tell you that your presentation was excellent, or that you heard that the project you developed is a great idea. Praise inflates the ego, and men love that we admire them, so you'll feel safe in front of you.

3. Stand by your side when you can: If you are in a meeting or meal, stand next to him. You do not have to say anything, just look to be close to him. This will make you feel comfortable by your side without having to use pretexts to get close.

4. Listen to him when he speaks: This also applies when you are in a meeting or in a place with more people. Show interest in what you say, listen carefully when you have an opinion. This will show your interest, and give you topics of conversation in the future.

5. Laugh at their jokes: Men love to make us laugh, it's good for their ego and their self-esteem. Just as they love a woman who has a sense of humor, they love to spend time with a person who appreciates theirs. Let him know that you are that woman.

6. Touch it occasionally: A little physical contact does not hurt. He rubs his hand or touches his arm when the occasion warrants it. It's not about you hanging on her shoulder or touching her stomach to check her abdomen. We refer to that subtle touch that leaves them thinking about us.

7. Talk with him: The best way to get his attention is by having an interesting chat with him. This can not be forced, and for that to happen, you'll have to start with sporadic talks about weather, traffic or your coffee preferences. Little by little, the topics will become deeper and you will arouse their interest.

Remember that the most important thing is to be yourself. Be authentic and he will realize how wonderful you are, and how lucky he is that you have chosen him. Luck!

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