5 tips against osteoarthritis

The risk of contracting osteoarthritis occurs more frequently in older adults; However, young people and athletes, more and more, suffer from it.

According to specialist in rehabilitation medicine and speaker of the congress, José Luis Martínez Hernández, athletes may have osteoarthritis because of an overload of work on the joints. An example of this is the footballers, who can present it in the ankle, knee and hip.

Recommendations to reduce pain

  • Take the medicines appropriate to control the pain
  • Rest will help you move your joints more easily
  • Keep a weight suitable and low
  • Apply heat or cold, bathing in warm water, or you can swim in a pool with hot water
  • Exercise is a good way to stay in shape, keep your muscles strong and control the symptoms ofarthritis . The exercise daily, such as walking or swimming helps keep the joints moving, reduces pain and strengthens the muscles around the joint
  • Exercise of broad movements such as dancing; Relieves stiffness and keeps you flexible

Strengthening exercises which can include weight training to help you maintain and develop muscle strength, and in this way protect your joints .

Aerobics and resistance exercises. Riding a bicycle, for example, makes your heart and arteries healthier, helps you not gain weight, and contributes to the better functioning of your entire body. Aerobic exercises may decrease the inflammation of some joints .

Before starting any exercise you should consult with a doctor, so that it indicates if it is possible to perform them or not according to your state of health.

Exercise and reduce the pain that this condition causes you!