5 postures for the first time

Nervousness and stress are the main emotions that arise during the first sexual encounter of a person, however, when you are sure of this decision, you only need help to release the tension, as some postures for the first time.

The ideal postures for the first time have to be easy and that stimulate the visual and corporal contact with the couple, to foment emotional bonds and thus this experience is enjoyed to the maximum.

According to the portal Best2know , the best positions for the first time are the following:

Missionary. Although it is one of the most common, it generates an atmosphere of intimacy and connection; Also, you do not need to be an expert to do it. She has to lie on her back while he lies on her to penetrate her.

Hanging head It is very similar to the previous one, but in this version she has to leave hanging her head on the edge of the bed, to generate a little impulse in the genital area and the contact to be deeper.

Eight. She lies on her back. Place two pillows under your buttocks and your knees are semi-flexed and open. He must stand on top of her and penetrate her; The key is that the man should move slowly and as if forming a number eight with his waist.

Right angle. She sits on the bed, while resting her right elbow and forearm on the surface. The man must help her lift her left leg to penetrate and control the movement.

Of ladito. The woman must lie on her side while he has to penetrate the front and make some circulatory movements to increase pleasure.

To have an unforgettable experience, it is important to perform some foreplay such as kissing and cuddling, with the aim of increasing excitement and pleasure during the experience.

In addition, it is necessary that if you have already decided to take this step, do it responsibly, that is, use protection to avoid the spread of a sexually transmitted infection or an unwanted pregnancy. Take care of your health and enjoy your sexuality to the fullest!

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