5 celebrities who overcame drugs

In an interview for the magazine "GQ", the British model Naomi Campbell counted the ordeal he had to live to overcome his addiction at drug . The top model claimed that, during her career on the catwalks, she consumed different drug among which were the cocaine and the alcohol .

"I never thought it was alcoholic , but now I think that goes hand in hand with the consumption of other types of substances ", commented Campbell .

Many times the consumption of alcohol is intimately related or leads directly to the addiction at drug . Another example of the fashion world is that of Kate Moss . It is unforgettable that photo, published by an English newspaper in 2005, in which it appeared consuming cocaine . This led her to enter a clinic detoxification in Arizona. Much earlier, in 1998, the model was confined to a rehabilitation and admitted smoking marijuana and ingest alcohol before your parades.


Mexican artists who overcame drugs

The actor Roberto Palazuelos He has been rehabilitated for several years and was the first Mexican artist to confess his addiction . This has motivated other public figures to air their problem. Roberto was addicted and made the decision to ask for professional help. Today he works actively spreading the dangers that cause the alcohol and the drug , especially among the youth.

The actress and singer Sasha Sokol , formerly of the Timbiriche group, was addicted to cocaine . It was rehabilitated in 1993 and made public its addiction . She has always advised that in order to overcome this type of problem, this dependence must be assumed, and sharing the moments of rehabilitation with loved ones. Sasha has confessed that going through that experience allowed her to see and value things that previously would not have been possible.

The Mexican rock controversy,Alejandra Guzmán, he was about to lose his life for his addiction . She happily touched bottom and asked for help from her brother, who interned her in a center rehabilitation . Alejandra said she felt that her life had no meaning, so her condition was very hard but she managed to overcome it. Now she is healthy and away from all addictions .

Juan Osorio , television producer, was alcoholic Y junkie . The help provided by his then partner helped him to rehabilitate himself. Osorio staged the play "Interview me, my name is Juan and I'm addicted", with which he tries to help others get out of their addictions and show that the important thing is to set the goal to achieve it.

Naomi Campbell summarizes what happens with the consumption of these substances: drugs are associated with the party, and as its consumption is not daily, it is thought that it does not affect so much, "until I tried to quit and realized the power exercised by the cocaine about me, "he concluded.

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