40 thousand Mexicans a year suffer disability

When you wake up do you wonder who is it that opens your eyes, you or a stranger? That question is asked by 40 thousand Mexicans a year, who suffer from some physical disability or psychological, product of automobile accidents.

When we speak of disability, problems related to birth or genetics come to mind, never the product of a negligent action or a disease that develops in our adulthood.

Figures of the IMexican Social Security Institute they point out that 39% of the cases of disability in the country occur as a result of chronic-degenerative diseases.

What should concern us and raise awareness, is that both due to illness and accident, physical or psychological disabilities related to both factors occur at younger ages of 15 to 29 years.

This situation should cause us alarm, even more at this time of year, since the Christmas season presents the highest rates of car accidents. However, for Enrique Medel , of the National Council for the Development and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (CONADIS), the figures have not caused a great impact on the citizen's conscience.

Survivor of a car accident, Medel offers another focus on how people experience disability in Mexico, or rather how expensive it can be.

The lack of ramps, signs or amusements are not the only obstacles faced by the handicapped and their family or the worst. The lack of financial solvency is the main obstacle that makes a difference in having a quality life or one full of depression and despair.

Stop being a productive person to be a dependent, radically alter the finances of a home. Whether single or a parent, the person presenting the new disability faces a reality full of expenses: surgeries, medications, rehabilitations, special devices and environmental adjustments. Some of these expenses are only momentary, but most last a lifetime.

However, not everything is so catastrophic, there are some alternatives that can help us counteract the economic effects such as disability insurance offered Seguros Monterrey New York Life .  

Conscience and precaution may be the only answers that help us prevent situations that put our person at risk. But, until it exists, we will have to continue working to make us and our country a more tolerable place for people with disabilities.

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