Is it already chronic?

Everything is a choice, even being unhappy! Example, watch television. A study of University of Maryland It suggests that those who spend much of their time watching this device are 20% more unhappy than those who do not.

Any of us has motives almost on a daily basis, to worry or grieve. But spoiling life on purpose is a skill that is learned, "he says. Manuel Saravia Oliver , expert of the University of San Martín de Porres in Peru .


Is it already chronic?

Biologically the brain can not live in eternal happiness, but not in sadness either. It is therefore important that you learn to identify if your unhappiness is temporary or is already a chronic state. Here we tell you some attitudes that will help you to know, with information from Professor Preston Ni, of Psychology Today .

1. You tell yourself self-destructive things. "I can not", "I'm not good enough" ... These messages that you send yourself reduce your confidence, decrease your performance and potential.

2. Your past is your present. Sometimes the circumstances of life and personal setbacks cause you to relive yesterday's moments. However, you must understand that those episodes should not influence your today, they are just learnings .

3. Your ideas take away your power. When you face difficult or challenging people in your life, you tend to blame or become a victim. This weakens you and makes you unable to show your talents and qualities.

4. Desire to blame. You make others responsible for your misfortunes. You see the normal difficulties of life as a reason for your unhappiness and lack of success.

5. You can not forgive yourself. You remember the past, and the mistakes you made, with guilt and pain, and instead of overcoming these emotions, you only sink deeper into them.

Finally, a person who experiences chronic unhappiness will also feel a Deep fear of making mistakes.

However, this can be remedied. You can start by changing habits; example, stop disqualifying your actions or achievements.Remember, there is no worse judge than yourself!

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