30% of people in the world are workaholics

The addictions not only have to do with the consumption of substances such as tobacco or alcohol. If you feel guilty or anxious to stop to work , work weekends, holidays or even being sick, eat or sleep badly for prioritizing work activity, surely you are a workaholic .


The term defines the people who feel a impulse uncontrollable to work constantly. They get to overcome 50 hours weekly work So much dedication not only it affects the Health , but even personal relationships.

In addition, the use of technologies of information and communication facilitates that you can work at any time and any place, in such a way that the worker can be available all the time and stay connected with work activity.


30% of people in the world are workaholics

The so-called workers have great energy and use it to be competitive labor, so they show a performance above the expected. Because of this they require some control over their work environment, they find it difficult to work delegate and his communication interpersonal is affected by that need to do things at a certain pace.

Although there are no exact figures, it is estimated that more than 30% of the working population in the world presents this problem . The laborers They are usually between 30 and 48 years old and sometimes they are individuals who have reached positions of responsibility in companies that work or perform complex activities.

Only in our country is considered that 45% of the professionals suffers addiction to the work . The doctor Erika Villavicencio Ayub , researcher and professor of Occupational Psychology of the School of Psychology of the UNAM , describes some factors that unleash it.


It is not just the economic factor that leads people to work excessively. A good part of job satisfaction may have its origin in the need to feel Useful, productive , recognized , with power , capacity, independence, control and success, waiting for approval or recognition of your superiors. Sometimes, it is the only way that the individual knows to gratify affective needs ".

Unfortunately, it can reach the degree of addiction and merit treatment professional. Do you consider yourself a workaholic ?

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