3 promises to lose weight

Daily we are exposed to endless products and foods that promise to make us lose weight or keep thin, here we present 3 truths about some of them:

The agave thins:
Recent studies done by the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the IPN (Cinevestav), by the researcher Mercedes López-Pérez, indicate that in experiments performed on rats, it was shown that the consumption of fructan, a non-digestible sugar molecule found in the agave, the animals were able to lose weight. They are still experimental studies but it is expected that the consumption of fructan can combat obesity as well as osteoporosis in humans.

Take 8 glasses of water daily:
We have all heard that drinking 8 glasses of water will work to lose weight. This myth is False. According to the research of Dr. Heinz Valtin, kidney specialist, he says there is no clear scientific evidence to support this idea. It is good to drink water for the body, but many nutritionists forget that we also consume a part of our daily water ration that is found in food. In what does natural water help to lose weight, is if we take it instead of soft drinks.

Fasting red tea:
The red tea, better known as Pu-Erh is originally from China and according to recent studies evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, this tea has several health benefits, especially it has the property of suppressing the synthesis of fatty acids, which helps prevent weight gain and therefore obesity.

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