1. Unforgettable dinner

The closing of the year is approaching and with it a series of important festivities, for this reason we want to share what are some of the special moments for Christmas that you should enjoy to the fullest.

A study conducted by the market agency Feeboo Mexico , indicates that the emotional state of people does not change when Christmas approaches, but if certain moods increase.

The positive emotions with the greatest presence during the Christmas season are joy, gratitude, emotion, love and illusion. The main negative emotion is the nostalgia that triggers sadness.

That is why we share 7 special moments that you must live at Christmas:


1. Unforgettable dinner

Beyond the food and drinks, thank the moment you are living with people around you. Let them know how special they are for you and make this moment an unforgettable night.

Video Medicine: An Unforgettable Dinner (June 2021).