You lack will and motivation

The symptom of this mental disorder you know them very well, although perhaps you have not known until now that this is abulia, without cheer up for do something , not even what really you enjoy or fight for a goal that you have set, as a career university, study and to work to pay you a car or a trip what excites you


Is it so complex How to know what you want achieve things, but something happens that you do not have the cheer up nor the strength to be able start and the only thing you can Aspire that occupy you in tasks minors .

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Those around you are left seeded the idea that you are a loose person Y conformist that you do not want strive nor in the most minimum , and with that you immediately get the seal of "Nini" .


You lack will and motivation

And although it is a picture that seems desolate , it is convenient that you know that this lack of Will Y motivation to do daily Homeworks , is tractable , with the support of a psychologist.

You can too to integrate to your life physical activity , practice some sport , joining a social project as the protection of animals , toasting weather and support for a family who needs it, as well as attend the school and, if possible, find a job for recover the power of live .


The psychologist Hans Olvera , researcher of the Ibeoamerican University , explains that the main thing is detect what is the presence of the abulia , since sometimes it adds to different suffering like when you live with depression , anguish or there are alterations such as Eating Disorders ".


In these cases, this lack of cheer up it is characteristic and in these cases it is indispensable that you receive psychological treatment , in order to find the cause that gives rise to these states and power treat them .

Also, it is possible that it occurs when you face situations unknown , where you do not have experience and you do not know how you should face them , like when you've got your first job, change school year or get to a place where everything is new for you.

The fact of not knowing what to expect Y how to act it makes you feel discouraged , fearful and without enthusiasm for continue .

The important thing, says the specialist , is to detect the origin of this lack of cheer up to be able to treat it, since there scenarios , like the latter, which is about something temporary that will be overcome as soon as you get used to the new terms .

However, under other circumstances as the despair or fears rooted , it can become a situation permanent what can affect seriously you developing .


What to do to prevent abulia?

The main thing, ensures the doctor Hans Olvera , is that you stay in activity , not only in the plane physical but also in the emotional , that is, doing sport , fulfilling your responsibilities everyday, looking to do something to favor from whom you surround .

What is even better: create links social positive , meet with people who have a good attitude before the lifetime and with whom you can talk Y live together exchanging experiences pleasant, in this way the enthusiasm It will always be on your side.

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