Wine prevents oral infections

Drinking wine, both white and red, helps prevent mouth infections Due to its properties mainly based on its antibacterial effect, it also prevents the appearance of cavities, loss of parts and gingivitis , according to a study by the University of Pavia, Italy .

Gabriella Gazzani and his colleagues at the University proved that the effectiveness of the ancestral custom of treating certain mouth infections , like those of gums , with white or red wine, it is due to antioxidants and other compounds in the drink.

According to the study published in the journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, this alcoholic beverage slows down the growth of streptococci in the mouth, bacteria linked to cavities , to gingivitis and sore throat, which also helps prevent the fall of teeth .

Also, several studies show that wine has a protective effect against cavities dental, due to the action of resveratrol, one of the substances that contains both white and red.

According to a study based on tests applied to more than 100 tasters, who tasted a day, five times a week, between 25 and 50 wines, it was found that none of them showed signs of erosion in their teeth, so the 100 % was exempt from cavities dental.

In this regard, researchers from the University of Lavat, Canada, They explain that the polyphenols in red wine (especially quercitin and resveratrol) manage to modulate some components released by macrophages that promote inflammation and that generate the action of free radicals, which reduces the appearance of various periodontal diseases .

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