Food is the basis of everything. Many times, when we arenflama abdomen or we have accumulated fat in that area, it may be because of what we eat. Because, Eliminate these foods from your diet and flatten your abdomen .

According to studies published by The Ohio State University , the two main reasons why the belly is inflamed is, by the food and stress . When we get stressed, our body produces cortisol , a substance that causes inflammation and weight gain.

Next, the foods that you should avoid consuming to avoid inflammation:



It can cause fluid retention and this inflames both the extremities and the lower abdomen.



It is one of the foods that produce more gas in the body. Despite being an excellent source of iron, it can cause great inflammation. This can be substituted for spinach.


Cruciferous vegetables

Despite being reduced in calories and recommended for a diet; cause inflammation, especially broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.



The gas they contain inflames the stomach Once it enters the digestive system, it is preferable to drink natural water or reduced in sugars to avoid it.



All irritants affect intestinal transit. They can cause gastritis or colitis, two conditions that are characterized by severe abdominal inflammation. Anything that is sauces that contain preservatives or irritants should be avoided.

If in addition to avoiding these foods that inflame your abdomen , you also practice exercise at least three times a week, you will forget about that problem and you will flatten your abdomen .


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