Calf exercise routine

Calf exercises help to strengthen the twins, which are the strongest muscles that exist in the body and one of the most essential for people to walk, run, jump, as well as cushion the falls.

Because the calf plays an essential role in performing most of our movements and is accustomed to supporting a lot of weight, it is more difficult to exercise and tone it.

Thus, Carlos Velázquez, specialist in functional training of Sport City , explains how to improve your leg strength, especially in the twins:

According to the athlete Grissel Martínez, collaborator of the Huffington Post , you must perform different calf exercises, so that you work all the muscles that make it up and avoid its deformation.

For its part, the portal explains that explosive movements like multiple jumps and stretching exercises can help you develop and tone these muscles.

Remember that before performing any exercise you must warm up your muscles to prevent injuries, as well as stretch them at the end of training. In addition, you can combine this exercise routine with a balanced diet and proper hydration. And you, how do you strengthen your calves?

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