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The alcoholism is a disease Chronic, often progressive and fatal, characterized by periods of worry about drinking and difficulty controlling alcohol consumption. There is continuous use despite the adverse consequences it generates and the distortion of thought .

Many people who have this condition deny the problem, so we present the main signs of individuals with alcoholism , as well as a series of questions that will help you detect it.

According to the Self-care and Family Health Guide, of Mayo Clinic , the main characteristics of a person with alcoholism are:


  1. Drink alone or secretly
  2. Do not remember conversations or commitments
  3. Take before, with, or after meals; and get upset when this ritual is altered or questioned
  4. Losing interest in activities, hobbies that gave him pleasure
  5. Irritability at the time of habitual drinking, especially if alcohol is not available
  6. Keep alcohol in unlikely places at home, work or in the car
  7. Having problems with relationships, work or finances

Learn to detect it

To discover the alcoholism the Mayo Clinic developed the Self-administered Test of Alcoholism Detection (SAAST, for its acronym in English); consists of 37 questions that identify behaviors, medical symptoms and the consequences of drinking in the patient's body. Here we show you 10 of them and the result, so that you learn to locate an alcoholic person.

  1. Do you have a drink once in a while?
  2. Do you think you drink normally (that is, do not drink more than the average)?
  3. Have you ever woken up in the morning after drinking the night before and have you noticed that you can not remember part of your activities?
  4. Have your close relatives ever worried or complained about the way you drink?
  5. Can you stop drinking without difficulty after a drink or two?
  6. Have you ever felt guilty about your drinking?
  7. Do your family or friends think that you are a normal drinker?
  8. Can you always stop drinking when you want?
  9. Have you ever attended an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting because of your drinking?
  10. Have you engaged in physical fights when you drink?

The answers to detect if a person is at risk of alcoholism are:

  1. Yes
  2. Do not
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Do not
  6. Yes
  7. Do not
  8. Do not
  9. Yes
  10. Yes

However, if you answer three or four of the questions with the answers mentioned, you probably have a drinking problem and need professional treatment.


Treatment for alcoholism

The therapy must be tailored to each individual, and may involve an evaluation, a brief intervention, an outpatient program or counseling and, in more severe cases, can be admitted to a specialized clinic.

The complexion, the grease body and tolerance to the effects of drinking play a fundamental role in the alcoholism .

Drinking equal amounts of alcohol can have a greater effect on women than men, because they metabolize it more slowly than men.

If you drink alcoholic drinks remember to do it in moderation and only on special occasions, so you give your body time to detoxify and stay healthy.


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