When is the time to start a new relationship?

End a relationship, depending on many factors, can be a traumatic event for many people, so they ask themselves: when to start another relationship?

There are those who, out of anxiety, rush to start a new romance with someone else. On the other hand, we find who, out of mistrust, is locked in a voluntary romantic exile so as not to be hurt again.

While it is true that everyone is free to decide when and how to relate, because this of love goes hand in hand with trial and error, it is usually a good idea to take into account some guidance before jumping back into the world of relationships.


When is the time to start a new relationship?

Actually it seems that it is not a question of time, but of the following aspects:


1. Your state of current emotional maturity

When it's appropriate, do not celas, do not harass, do not stalkeas, do not condition, do not blackmail, do not beg and do not manipulate.

If you are emotionally mature you are able to say what you feel, ask for what you want, say what you like and what you do not, as well as accept the changes of life.

With emotional maturity you know there are things that make you sad or angry, but you do not drag those emotions with you for a long time.


2. Your recovery phase from the previous break

It is like the process of mourning, that is, the time when emotions and thoughts return to their level.

Depending on the link with your previous partner this could take from 6 months to 2 years or more.

For example, when sadness predominates in you, you may be vulnerable to romantic illusions and you can not choose what you really want.

The state of your feelings after the loss. Especially that there is no resentment, desire for revenge or extreme longing for your ex.

It is necessary to balance your emotions before starting a new relationship. In this way you will pay attention to avoid previous errors.

You need to assume the part that touches you in your breakup process and see what you can change so that at least that does not happen again in the future.

Basically, it's about that loving experience has left you with a lesson that you are willing to learn.

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