Videogalería: Yoga to sleep well

Everyday life involves many "usual" situations that we deal with day after day, but having an altered life can seriously damage your wellness . If you feel emotions such as anguish or anxiety they overcome you, discover ways to know the level of stress what do you do

According to an investigation of the University of Wisconsin , people who perceive that the stress it affects your Health and they report high amounts of it, they have a higher risk of death early.


Videogalería: Yoga to sleep well


Your body is the best indicator

Detect the level of stress It can be complicated because the more serious the situation becomes, the less objective is perception. In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Luisa Altamirano de Anaya , ontological coach of Sukha Total , share the best ways so you can detect it.

1. Find out The first thing you should ask yourself is, what is the stress for me ?, although there are scientific definitions does not mean that they fit your lifetime , identifying the sensation depending on your rhythm will help you to direct it in a positive way.

2. Observe your body. Something you rarely do; identify how you you feel , in what part of your body you feel the stress (chest, stomach, back). You should not judge or criticize, it is not good or bad, you will only observe it.

3. Level of fear. From zero to 10, at what level do you feel fear for the situations in life. There are times when you could say that 100, but if you analyze it carefully you can realize that it is much less serious and that you can tolerate it, because you observe it in your body .

4. Thoughts. What feeling is feeding your thought? Very few times you are really focused on what you think while driving or you bathe, for example, and in this way before the stress ideas go through your mind that may be damaging your self esteem .


When you observe your thought, you have the option to choose to change it for positive ideas regarding the situation and your person. That way you can feed other kinds of feelings with your mind. "

Altamirano de Anaya, explains that it is important to understand that in life there are different situations that can generate stress Y fear , which are totally valid, however the solution to reduce the impact should not be complicated, acceptance frees you from it.


Many times you get stuck in the feeling, you do not eat, you do not sleep and you stay with the stress, but it is better that you find out what you can do in the situation that disturbs you, face your fear and the emotions that you feel ".

The coach indicates that there is a luxury that we can not afford: neither the anguish , sadness or the fear , you must stay away from building and enjoying a life in peace and happy . Therefore, start by self-evaluate with these forms to know the level of stress that you drive and look for the quick solution.

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