Specialists alert about poorly practiced aesthetic surgeries

According to the Federal Health Secretariat (Ssa), Mexico is the second country in Latin America to perform the largest number of cosmetic surgeries, only after Brazil and followed by Argentina and Colombia. However, a large index of these are carried out in clandestine clinics or with doctors who do not have the corresponding certifications, a situation that puts the health of patients at risk. In this regard, the doctor Rodolfo Othón Vázquez , plastic surgeon certified by the Mexican Association of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (AMCPER) points out that there are a lot of clinics, gyms, spas and beauty centers in the country that offer operations such as liposuction , tummy tuck , mammoplasty , mastopexy (breast lift), buttock implants and even nose and chin surgery among others, without the necessary equipment, or with the qualified personnel to carry them out: "To avoid damages that affect the physical appearance and therefore emotional , people who plan to perform an aesthetic procedure must go to responsible and trained doctors, who have a professional certificate and certified by the AMCPER and the Mexican Council of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery with current proof of re-certification, as this will guarantee his health, in addition to good results, "said Dr. Vázquez. According to the AMCPER, more than 15 thousand people, who have undergone aesthetic treatments with non-certified doctors, were affected with deformations, amputations, tissue loss or even death:

"Unfortunately, people get hooked by clandestine clinics because of the low price they offer, which is up to 4 times cheaper, compared to the budget managed by a certified plastic surgeon," said Othón Vázquez.

He recommended that all those who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery, can visit the page mifigura.com.mx , since there they will find a directory of certified plastic surgeons, as well as the approximate costs of surgeries and the various options that allow improving those areas of the body with which people are not completely satisfied.

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