Relax in 10 minutes

The main instrument of any technique of relaxation is the breathing . It seems simple, but it is not.
Experts say that we breathe 20 thousand times daily and we do it without realizing it.

When we are stressed or overwhelmed, we increase the frequency of breaths and these become more superficial.
Making breathing slower, deeper and rhythmic immediately influences our mood, as well as our thinking and well-being.

To achieve an optimal state of relaxation, you must invest 10 minutes daily following these simple instructions:

1. Sit with the Straight back or stretch yourself in a comfortable position.

2. Close your eyes and relax all the muscles of the body leaving them loose, resting on the surface where you are, as if you had the feeling that this part you weighed more than necessary.

3. Begin to experience this feeling of heaviness from the feet and progress slowly and progressively with the rest of the body: the legs, hands, arms and abdomen work, feeling that the entire back rests loosely on the surface where you are and even the Muscles of the face. Keep all your muscles relaxed .

4. Now become aware of your breathing and do it naturally.


Protect your digestion

5. Breathe through the nose. Become aware of your breathing. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose until you feel the air filling your lungs, from your abdomen through your chest and sternum.

6. Hold the air for a few seconds; exhale thoroughly also through the nose. When inhaling, repeat the word "one", then "two" and so on progressively Continue for ten minutes You can open your eyes to check the time, try not to use an alarm clock, or alarms.

7. When finished, remain seated for a few more minutes, first with closed eyes and then open.

8. Do not get up until a few minutes have passed. Keep a passive attitude and allow the relaxation be present according to your own rhythm. If disturbing thoughts appear, try to ignore them by not dealing with them and repeating "one."

This technique should not be practiced during two hours following a meal, because the digestion It interferes with the relaxation process.

Video Medicine: Guided Meditation Deep Relaxation 10 Minutes for Stress Relief (December 2022).