Know the best method to lose weight

Currently, there are many ways to lose weight. You can choose the right program and combine different techniques to lose those extra pounds, but you must learn to choose, to avoid side effects that put your health at risk.

But what should a good program have? First, it must be congruent. Many people recommend eating only one kind of food, which can be dangerous because the body needs several nutrients, so it is advisable to talk with your doctor about the feasibility of the programs .

You should also consider the economic aspect , since many are expensive, especially those that provide food at home.

Another characteristic of a good program is the long-term effectiveness . Some help your body lose weight in the first phase, with diet and exercise, but when finished, you can quickly recover that weight. That is why you should thoroughly investigate any program, as well as the testimonies and the scientific basis that supports it, before even considering following it.


The alternatives

A good weight loss program should keep you healthy. A drastic weight loss is dangerous, so a good diet plan means following a complete diet combined with an exercise routine.

On the other hand, there are more drastic but also effective methods, such as surgery . Two exists surgical techniques to lose weight, one is Staple your stomach to make it smaller and the other is the liposuction .

Of course both are expensive, in addition to that their recovery can take some time and like any surgery, they mean a risk.

However, there is also the other side of the coin. In the liposuction , by getting rid of the fat, you will reduce the work for your liver, heart and kidneys, while stapling your stomach, regulate your appetite and adjust your diet to the real needs of your body.

These are only some aspects of both surgeries but to have more information, you should consult with your doctor, before making any decision.

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