Learn 7 successful negotiation techniques!

Maintaining a stable and happy relationship requires a lot of effort and dedication, because there will always be some disagreement that will require all the patience to overcome it, as well as some tricks to win a fight peacefully.

If you think your partner always gets his way in the discussions, these tricks to win a fight will provide the necessary arguments to return peace, harmony, love and understanding to their lives, according to information published in The Huffington Post.


Learn 7 successful negotiation techniques!

  1. Beware of transitions. Researchers say that the biggest fights occur when family members are changing activity. To avoid this, before starting a discussion analyze how angry you are and if you really want to face the situation in an aggressive way.
  2. Achieves an equality of situation. If you consider yourself superior to your partner you will only make the problem bigger, understand the anger so that you give a valid argument.
  3. Make yourself comfortable. People are more flexible during a discussion or debate, if they are sitting on soft chairs or sofas than when they are sitting on hard chairs.
  4. Limit the discussion time. An angry individual exposes the most important points in their opening statements, then only repeats with shouts, so set a time limit to expose their anger, perform another activity and after a few minutes re-discuss the issue.
  5. Soft physical contact. If you are still not in an explosive state, try to take your partner's hand or touch it subtly on another part of the body to feel their connection. Do not forget to look her in the eye all the time.
  6. Focus Many times people often stop listening to their partner to build their own arguments. This is the worst they can do, since they do not understand the magnitude of the situation and only prolong the discussion. Better pay attention to what is said to think of a correct answer.
  7. Forget about multitasking. During a discussion, avoid multiple tasks at once. With this, you only downplay the fight, the situation and your partner.

In accordance with James Pennebaker, psychologist at the University of Texas , the use of first-person pronouns like "I" or "we" shows that you are in a healthy relationship. On the other hand, when you use the word "you" it is a sign that you do not know how to solve a problem. And you, what tricks do you use to win a fight with your partner?

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