In the extremities flaccidity appears earlier than in other areas, because on its inner side the skin is thinner, and the loss of elastin Y collagen It is faster. To prevent it you can start a routine of exercises for some legs sexy and firm.

Perform exercises in which you use your own weight to make resistance is a way to strengthen the muscles , either at home or at the gym. You need to run at least 12 repetitions and from two to three series of each, indicates the National Health Services (NHS) .

So that you achieve firm legs and sexy , in the next video Mateo Martínez coach of Personal Trainer Mexico (PTM) , teaches you the routine of exercises that you should start practicing.



If you want to make variations in the week, the NHS also recommends the following exercises . These will also help you burn calories of the abdomen and the hips .


1. Squatting

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and stretch your hands in front of you. Start to lower by folding the knees until they are almost at right angles, with the thighs parallel to the ground. Keep the back straight and return to the starting position.

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