Vaginal infections by wearing thong

Use inappropriate underwear as threads of dental floss , very tight clothes and the regular use of pantiprotectors provoke infections in the vagina , he claimed Angelica Illescas , gynecologist and obstetrician.

According to Illescas, the fact of using thongs or floss lingerie causes the area of ​​the anus and vagina to be rubbed, which generates a source of infection in both areas of the body:

"My patients tell me that they wear them, because they do not notice them on their clothes, but they do not know the damage they are doing, since the PH of your vagina is altered and favors the growth of microorganisms; if they are not treated in time, severe damage to the vagina can be generated. "

The gynecologist, said that all extremes are bad, such as not washing the vagina every day or do it daily more than three times, because the PH (vaginal acid) is altered. He clarified that the flow is normal in women, but it should not smell bad and the color should be transparent:

"Any other modification, such as that the flow is green, yellow or very white, means that there is an infection; There may be bacteria and viruses that damage the vagina and then an analysis is required to give the appropriate treatment. "

For gynecologist Angélica Illescas, it is important that the woman maintain a proper intimate hygiene to feel more comfortable and promote their health: "At present, there are innovative products that contain substances that help us achieve this goal, such as those made with water thermal".

In this sense, Uriage , expert laboratory in dermatology, created various products for the intimate care of women. The first is GYN-PHY , a cleansing gel that helps maintain the balance of the intimate flora without drying the vagina. It can be used every day as soap for this part of the body.

In addition, he launched GYN-8 , a gel that soothes and soothes irritations, itching and discomfort. This should be used for a short time, (approximately 10 days) and serves as an adjunct to some gynecological treatments.

Illescas, reiterates that women should know their vagina well and if they detect something abnormal, go to the gynecologist, to prevent future injuries and also recommended the use of dresses and skirts, to ventilate this area of ​​the body. Very tight clothes, like jeans, alter the vaginal pH.

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