Not all sleep disorders They are related to bad rest. Some, like the Sleep apnea , can be lethal to health.

This, is mainly related to the respiratory system . It happens when the individual makes one or more pauses during the sleep phase. This occurs repeatedly within 30 minutes.

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According to research conducted by the Mayo Clinic , this problem is detected by means of a study called polysomnography, which consists of monitoring the sleep phase and through this detecting alterations in breathing, heart rate and oxygenation levels.

Unfortunately; the Sleep apnea It is a disorder that is not easy to diagnose, even though it is a chronic problem. Sometimes it is identified by loud snoring.



  • Increase blood pressure
  • Irregularities in the heart
  • Respiratory insufficiency


People who suffer from obesity are more likely to suffer from this



  • Lose weight
  • Oxygenation treatment
  • Surgery (in case of having any physical alteration in the respiratory tract)
  • Treatment of CPAP, an oxygen mask during the sleep period

¡EYE! It is important that the Sleep apnea is detected early, in some cases patients have died due to respiratory failure. Before that happens, it can be prevented by going to the doctor to identify the disorder.