In search of job growth

It is popularly said that, in life as in the work , nobody is essential . A clear example in this topic is that of Steve Jobs , who, despite his great capacity, was fired and subsequently rehired by Apple, a company that he created and founded.

When his position was revoked, it was clearly shown that it was not essential for the company continue in its activities of increase , in addition to the hierarchy of Jobs it was not exactly what the organization I needed at that time.

However, some time later, the company became aware of the labor value and staff that contributed the inventor, and decided to reincorporate it, achieving with this amazing technological achievements and a great success .

Like this case, there are hundreds of stories similar, but not with the same final positive Therefore, it is important that we are very clear about what kind of person we want to be in the work , ¿valuable or only indispensable ?

Miguel Ángel Sastre Castillo , director of the University School of Business Studies of the Complutense University of Madrid affirms the companies are looking more often at Valuable people

These are distinguished because they have initiative , who are prepared , and that know how to get ahead as a team and, therefore, avoid selfish people, who need to attract attention or who are not compatible with colleagues in the area.


"Whoever chooses to be a person indispensable in your work lives with a high degree of stress ; He usually has problems in his work relationships because he always wants to be in front of others or wants constant recognition. It will have a physical wear Y mental huge".


In search of job growth

Now that we know it's more useful to be valuable in a company , it is necessary to understand how we will be and what objectives we must propose to make it a reality, and thus, contribute Benefits to company to get better remunerations . For all this, the expert advises to take into account the following tips:


  1. We must be highly qualified for the position we request. If possible, we must update ourselves at all times about the matters of the office or work in order not to be "disarmed" in future problems.
  2. Have knowledge related to the success factors of the company. Besides that this is key and share it with the other team members.
  3. We must show great reliability in the activities that concern us.
  4. Prevent all responsibilities from being totally dependent on us. Since in any threat in the work area, if it depends 100% on our person, it will be attributed to us if it does not come out correctly.
  5. Have an entrepreneurial attitude and put aside selfishness.
  6. Define clearly what are our priorities in life and our goals in terms of career.
  7. Maintain a balanced performance. That is, we have a good work rate excluding faults, excuses and poor performance.

Another important recommendation is to keep in mind that the chiefs will avoid to have Necessary people as a whole, this may be because there may be blackmail due to the condition of dependency, misunderstandings, or in case of their departure, paralyze the company or a department determined by its total submission to it.


The person who finally triumphs in the company is not the one who arrives first and the last one who tries to show everyone that she works the most ".


The specialist affirms that a healthy professional person will try to make compatible the development of his professional career with the growth of other people within the organization, establishing collaborative relationships and not always of competition ".

The success or the failure in the work environment they are in our hands. Let's choose the one that brings us the most stability or retributions , and always keep in mind the search for success in all aspects of our lives. And you, what kind of collaborator are you?

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