Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts, say no to hair removal

Recently the actresses Penelope Cruz Y Julia Roberts They joined their voices in favor of a curious cause: their rejection of waxing methods. Like many other actresses and actors in Hollywood, they like body hair and are opposed to following the dictates of fashion that requires legs and hairless torsos.

According to the Spanish dermatologist Aurora Guerra, eight out of ten women resort for aesthetic reasons to any of the methods that eliminate unwanted hair. Among them, the so-called photo-depilation, which despite guaranteeing its effectiveness, carries certain risks that must be known.

The manufacturers of these devices affirm that it is a fast, safe and painless method and that to obtain good results it is necessary to attend several sessions of 15 minutes each, with an interval of six weeks between one session and another. The percentage of permanent hair removal in each session increases progressively until reaching 100% elimination of unwanted hair.


Contraindications in the use of the laser

There are women for whom the laser is absolutely contraindicated. For example, those who are taking some medication that increases their photosensitivity and that can cause the appearance of spots on the skin, and even infections in the follicle.

There is a risk also in people with poorly controlled diabetes, fever or recurrent herpes, among other conditions, who should not use this method of hair removal because the laser can increase body temperature and cause an infection.


Risks in pregnancy

In this sense, the doctor Paloma Tejero, spokesperson of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) indicates that in the case of pregnant women should also take special precautions:

"Lip hair removal in the first trimester of pregnancy is not the same as shaving areas near the abdomen or the breast in the last stage of pregnancy, where the laser can act as a magnifying glass, sending a flash of light and noise to the fetus".


Go to the experts

SEME points out that if photoepilation is not performed under medical supervision and is left only in the hands of stylists, health risks are taken. This is because his action focuses on melanin , a substance very close to hemoglobin, the protein that transports oxygen to the blood.

Tejero, argues that it should be a certified doctor who performs this type of hair removal, "because it is who can best assess the risks of each patient and control the situation in case of any complication."

And is that not all people are equal and there are those who can put their health at stake for purely aesthetic reasons. So before shaving you know your state of health, skin conditions, so that you obtain favorable results and go only with certified specialists.

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