That its size does not scare you

It is the leading cause of death during the first four weeks of a baby's life, premature birth, according to the World Health Organization . In addition, three quarters of these deaths could be avoided with the necessary care.


Not only can they lose their lives. After discharge from the hospital, premature infants often have growth restriction, accumulated nutritional deficiencies, medical disorders, and difficulties in feeding, "he says. Alexandre Lapillonne, professor and researcher from Baylor College of Medicine, at 3 Latin American Neonatology Summit.


That its size does not scare you

Babies who are born between week 28 and 36 of pregnancy are considered prematurely born, and among the care that they should have is the diet, the expert Lapillonne, presents some of them.

1 . The most recommended way of nutrition to feed newborn babies at this critical stage is breastfeeding.

2. Protein is an important nutrient because it is one of the most limiting factors of growth.

3. DHA plays a key role in brain development.

4. The Vitamin D It is vital to the innate immune system.


The main difficulties that premature babies can face with congenital metabolic disorders, which are diseases that are little known at a global level, and that can have a significant impact on the quality of life of children and their families, "says Manuel Saborío, Head of the Medical Genetics and Metabolism Service at the National Children's Hospital of Costa Rica.

Newborns diagnosed with congenital metabolic disorders are not able to metabolize (process) one or several specific nutrients. If they are not treated immediately, these disorders can limit their physical and mental development.

Reason why it is essential that you maintain control, in visits to the doctor, but especially in proportion to your child fortified foods and rich in vitamin D.

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