Urine test on your cell phone?

Do not you like to go to the laboratories in aid for a urine test? Now with the help of your cell phone you can save this step. The company Biosense Technologies Launches an app for smartphones where you can analyze the liquid from the comfort of your home.

According to information published in The world is , with a series of photographs, the application called Uchek Urinalysus App it analyzes the levels of glucose, sediments, proteins, nitrites, leukocytes, urobilinogen, acetones, hematuria, ph and bilirubin.

To perform the urine test with your cell phone you just have to take some samples of the liquid with chemical strips at different times and photograph them with the cell phone.

The application is responsible for analyzing the images with a map with color code, to offer you a detailed interpretation of the results; In addition, compare the levels obtained with those that should be correct.

The creator Myshkin Ingawale, founder of Biosense Technologie s, it states that the patient can send the results to their doctor through an email or you can save your history for future revisions.

The virtual urine test was presented at a conference on Technology, Education and Design in Los Angeles, California. For its effectiveness, tested in one thousand 200 samples, can help detect diseases such as diabetes, urinary tract infections and preeclampsia.

However, the company clarifies that the app is designed to be used as a source of information, but can not be used as the only tool for the diagnosis, cure or treatment of diseases.

Uchek Urinalysus App It will be available in the Apple Store at the end of March for an approximate price of $ 20, which will include the chemical strips and the color code map. And you, would you trust an application for a urine test?

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