Think twice!

You think you have found the man of your dreams, you are pleased with everything you want, every time you cross your gaze with his there is an undeniable tension that makes it more interesting and when you talk to him you feel like he understands you like nobody else, but he has a problem, it's a committed man and you know it.


Think twice!

Before you get carried away by the attraction and passion reflects on the problems that can bring this type of relationship:


1. The infatuation

Some women get involved in these relationships for reasons other than love, for example, they are attracted to a risky situation, to be with someone without committing themselves sentimentally, because he pleases them with gifts and they think that they will have economic stability. The problem is that it is very easy get involved romantically, and without realizing it, move on from the adventure or attraction to a true crush.


2. Deception

Some men can lie about their situation and tell you how bad they are with their wives and the likelihood of a divorce, obviously in that relationship there is something wrong, but do not kid yourself thinking that he will leave everything for you, there are very few the situations in which this happens.


3. You will be "the witch"

When you are with him, you will feel guilty for what you are doing because you will feel like the 'witch' of the story, because you will most likely think of the other woman and that family or relationship you are helping to destroy. And if by chance someone finds out you will be the most ruthless person, lack of morals and qualified as a destroyer of homes.


4. Double life

You will have to lead a double life because you can not tell your family or all of your friends with whom you are dating, for them you will be alone; you will not be able to see him in public places because suddenly someone recognizes them and they tell him who they should not; You will not even have the freedom to call him on the phone and probably spend the weekend with your family while you are alone.


5. Jealousy

In this type of relationship you will feel jealous all the time, you will think: How will your life be at home? Will he be affectionate with his wife? Will you have relationships with her? And in addition you will get to ask yourself, if it is already unfaithful with one because not with two.


6. The disappointment

The first months you can have that feeling of stability either emotional or material because the man you really like, but when the time starts to pass and their relationship is still stagnant, what may have been exciting before may no longer be so.

When you want to go from anonymity, he will cheat you by saying that soon the situation will change or he will simply make it clear that he will not break his other commitment.

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