The truth will set you free?

Fear, envy or by not accepting a mistake, the reasons for deceiving or how to say "suppress the truth" can be diverse. However, sometimes, the best option is lie, although, what are these moments?

In accordance withClaudia Castro, expert from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, during daily activities, people tend to say, on average, ten lies a day starting with the typical response they give of "good", when asked how they are.


The truth will set you free?

Everyone lies, some more than others, but in the end it is the same action. However, beyond the saying "the truth makes you free." There are times when cheat It is the best option, according to us, and here we tell you some of it. With information from the psychologist Adriana Guraieb of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association.

1. To take care of the image. There is lies linked to want to please, to be accepted or that involve saving the image. Sometimes defects are masked and only the best is shown.

2. For protection. In some cases, they occupy a place of protection. You have fear of losing a job, of not continuing a relationship sentimental or to put prestige at risk.

3. Avoid punishment. Faced with the occurrence of a penalty, it can be incurred lies , trying to avoid punishment.

4. White lies . There are many lies socially admitted. They are statements that distort some point of reality but that have a certain social consensus.

5. Before the disease. Another crucial moment where the value of truth and lies is at stake is when faced with a situation of disease terminal of a close person.

Lying is such a common part of human behavior that few distinguish it. However, it is an action in which you can decide to do or not. Beware!

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