The effects are complex

The divorce It is one of the most complicated grieving processes for people, since it is about accepting defeat and moving forward. Beyond the symptoms that we seejado s superficially, there are serious damage caused by the divorce, Know them from a neurological level.


The effects are complex

So that you understand a little more thoroughly the processes by which our body goes through when we go through the situation, in GetQoralHealth we explain some.

1.- Brain. When you go through complicated processes and feel depressed states, there is a reduction in the size of the frontal lobes besides the hippocampus that are found in your brain.

The frontal lobes that compose it are a kind of control center of our emotions and the hippocampus has important functions related to the formation of memories.


2.-Neurons. Following the same line, the human brain has the ability to create new neurons throughout life, a process that is known as neurogenesis, these new replace those that have died.

Ronald S. Duman , researcher associated with the Yale University It reveals that the brain of depressed people suppresses the production of substances known as neurotrophic factors that help neurons survive and grow.

3.- Organization. A study of Dr. Amir Lerman cardiologist Mayo Clinic It reveals that people who have gone through situations such as divorce, the death of the couple or a family member, among others, can generate the suffering of Broken Heart Syndrome.

This syndrome is that the heart of the sufferer takes the form of a balloon and a serious weakening of the tip of the left ventricle or main pumping chamber, so they would feel symptoms similar to a heart attack.

4.- Hormones. These function as chemical messengers of the body, since they transfer information in instructions from one set of cells to another. Although there are different types of hormones circulating through the blood system each affects only the programmed cells.

According to the endocrinologist Steven A. Dowshen , hormonal levels can be affected by factors such as stress that everyday situations generate us. Divorce, for example, is undoubtedly a situation that remains in that state for a long time.

We do not doubt that going through this process is a painful and complicated step, getting ahead in favor of your health is something that you should start doing gradually. Taking psychological therapies and allowing outsiders to support is an easy way to start. Are you going through this process?

Video Medicine: Complex Trauma and its Effects on Child Development Dr Arthur Becker Weidman (May 2021).