Sweet foods vs obesity

Researchers of the E. Wolfson Medical Center in Israel , they found that eating some sweet food can help lose weight .

The study was conducted with people clinically obese that for a month included in their breakfast cookies, cake, chocolate and ice cream. These lost 77% more weight than those who stopped consuming sugar and ate a breakfast of about 300 calories of carbohydrates low.

The reason is that in the morning, the metabolism it's more accelerated. Therefore, eating sweet foods in the morning allows you to burn calories extras the rest of the day. In addition, consuming something sweet early helps you not to fall into the temptations of the afternoon.

Angela Ginn , dietitian of the Academy of Nutrition and Diet mentions in this regard, "the morning is a great time to eat something sweet." In this way a sugary craving is satisfied and the metabolism it is activated. "


These are some dishes that you can prepare with a food and a portion of protein so you can lose weight.

• Whole-grain toast with a spoonful of Nutella
• Oatmeal with dark chocolate chips, dried cherries and almonds
• A smoothie with low-fat milk, banana, peanut butter and chocolate syrup
• Half chocolate chip bagel with fresh fruit
• French toast sprinkled with cocoa and blueberries

Remember that the secret to lose weight It is in the portions; Although it is healthy to eat a sweet food in the morning, it does not mean that you can eat a whole cake. Beware!

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