Hispanic teenagers consume more drugs in the US

Hispanic teenagers who reside in the United States have a higher consumption of drugs than Caucasian adolescents, according to data collected by 3 national surveys conducted in the United States.

The polls Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Monitoring the Future, Y National Survey on Drug Use and Health They have found ethnic differences considerable in the consumption of substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana among adolescents and adults.

The alcohol, cigar and marijuana they are substances that are present in the lives of adolescents and that have been associated with an increase in the likelihood of having substance abuse disorders when they are adults, violent and aggressive behaviors, early sexual relations and carrying weapons. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

The results of the surveys suggest that Hispanics have higher rates of drug use that Caucasian, Asian and African-American teenagers in the corresponding stage to secondary. However, they point out that in high school, this statistic changes, and Caucasian adolescents show a higher prevalence in their consumption, compared to Hispanics.

The researchers point out that these results may be due to the high percentage of Hispanics who leave school at the top level, and that a high number of adolescents in the sample are Hispanic born and educated in the United States. No direct relationship of family or school-type factors was found to initiate its use. So the researcher and co-author of the study, Dr. D'Amico suggests that teachers focus on the specific individual's abilities to face the social pressure that could cause these behaviors.

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