Does Facebook improve your memory?

An investigation reveals that the status in Facebook They are 1.5 times more memorable than the lines of some book, and 2.5 times more than the faces, according to specialists of the universities of California, San Diego, and Scranton , so the impact of social networks goes beyond just entertainment.

The researchers point out that this phenomenon may be due to the fact that communication and the impact of social networks, they are very similar to the way we speak, unlike books, whose sentences are constructed with premeditation and care.

In this research, published in the journal Memory and Cognition, the participants studied more than 200 anonymous messages from Facebook , which were more remembered than some images of faces or free text lines.

To say of Laura Mickes, visiting professor at the University of California and principal investigator at the University of Warwick , the performance shown by people when remembering the changes of state in social networks, is of a magnitude similar to the differences between amnesia and people with memory healthy.

Facebook it is updated about 30 million times every hour, so it is easy to consider that information as mundane or trivial, which we forget instantly when we read it, but it is not, "explains Mickes, the posts stay more attached to the memory than the textual quotes.

According to specialists, this type of study allows not only studying the impact of social networks on the memory and in cognitive processes, but also allows to build better models of digital communication .

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