5 advantages of mineral makeup

The mineral makeup is a trend that has been imposed due to the benefits it provides to the skin , since its ingredients are totally natural.

Contrary to traditional makeup, according to the portalVidaysalud.com, Mineral cosmetics do not contain fragrances and synthetic pigments, which favors the care of the skin . GetQoralHealth it tells you more advantages of the mineral makeup

1. Because traditional makeup contains chemicals they can cause allergies . On the contrary, the natural ingredients of mineral makeup they are a good alternative for Health from your skin .

2. As it is composed of minerals and its texture is light helps the skin to fight problems like acne .

3. The mineral makeup It is composed of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, minerals that have anti-inflammatory effects that helps eliminate the rosy appearance of the skin .

4. Does not clog the pores, which prevents the appearance of black spots . It also offers some sun protection, as it contains ingredients that are used in sunscreens.

5. It adapts well to all types of skin , it is recommended in both young and mature skin. Also, it lasts longer on the face.

If you do not know how to choose a mineral makeup , read the labels and see what ingredients it contains, the bigger the list, the more likely it is to irritate you or cause you a reaction. Good luck!

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