Sweet corn tamales

Corn is made up of 72% starch, that acts as fiber, reducing the risk of developing colon cancer, affirms a study of American Association for Cancer Research. Reason to enjoy a Corn tamal.

This is because starch improves digestion in the stomach, and in the small and large intestine, indicates the Investigation


Sweet corn tamales

An ideal time to test the benefits of corn is the Candlemas day. Check the recipe!



6 corn husks

½ cup of lactose-free milk

1 can of condensed milk

2 cups of brown sugar

1 cup of lactose-free cream

1 pinch of salt

12 corn leaves

1 liter of water

1 pinch of cinnamon powder



1. Soak the leaves in a bowl of clean water.

2. Blend the corn grains with the condensed milk and ½ cup of milk lactose.

3. In a pot, place the mixture that you just liquefied and add a pinch of salt and the cup of brown sugar. Let boil for 10 minutes.

4. For the sweet cream. In a bowl, add the cream, and beat until be homogeneous. Add the rest of the sugar and cinnamon powder. Finish to beat gently.

5. To finish, place the corn mixture in the leaves. In small portions, later introduce the tamales in a pot with half a liter of water until they are cooked.

Corn, as a protector of the intestinal mucosa, can control diarrhea and prevent inflammation since it does not contain gluten. There is no reason for your consumption to be finishedDo not you think?

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