Motivation, the key to work and personal success

63% of the workers in the world do not feel committed to their work, which they manifest with discontent and lack of motivation to comply with the goals of the organization. If this is the case, the demotivation in you work It can be a barrier to your success at work.

Although people spend an important part of their time at work, they do not feel motivated ; they stop participating actively and enthusiastically in their work. This impacts the productivity of the company and the quality of life of employees, the report points out State of the Global Workplace


Motivation, the key to work and personal success

If you've noticed that it's hard for you to stay enthusiastic about your job responsibilities, these techniques can possibly help you avoid the demotivation at work .


Give yourself 2 minutes in the morning

It is true that the work stress and family pressures are a bad combination to stay enthusiastic all the time; However, this attitude is key to success .

One of the tips of Siimon Reynolds , successful entrepreneur and coach in the business world, is to take 2 minutes every morning to remind you why you are there, why they hired you and how you can scale in your career.

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