He speaks for you…

The hands reveal, what the words are silent ... External to the poetic, every movement and action you perform with this area of ​​the body, lets others see your personality and emotions.

However, this is not an involuntary act. In accordance with Renata Roa, in an interview for GetQoralHealth , "More than 70% of the links reach them; that is, your brain is aware of every change made by your hand. "

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He speaks for you…

What they communicate can have such an impact, that it can even damage your relationship or a possible work opportunity. To avoid it, you must first discover what your hands reveal of you.

1. When speaking, show the back of the hand and point with the index finger. This reveals dominion, aggression and order; Moms often use it when they scold their children.

2. You use your hand with all fingers extended. It reveals control and containment.

3. When you talk about something that excites you open your palm and separate your fingers. With this you show that you are an emotional person, that you are noble with a certain capacity for docility.

4. Your fingers are in constant movement. This sends a message of anxiety, the cause of stress or because you are about to make a difficult decision.

5. Cross your fingers. It means that you close yourself to the new, be it ideas or changes in your life.


One way to know what kind of movements you do with your hand is to stand in front of a mirror or have a friend record you while they are having a conversation, "adds Roa.

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