Search for your individuality

The arrival of a new member the family is always a reason joy , but also many responsibilities for parents, and even if they receive the surprise news that they are Twins , the challenge is to respect your individuality .

In these cases, somequestions about everything that has to do with the breeding and the education of the little ones, especially on how to make those identical beings could be individuals in his condition Twins .


David Arrieta, family therapist Los Alamos psychotherapy center , points out that although the brothers Twins they share a special link because they know each other from the uterus , they have lived together and shared the same space, they touch and listen from the beginning of their lives ".


Are two people completely different who think, feel and can decide for themselves. That is why it is necessary since they are born, to give them a treatment exclusive e individual to each other.


Search for your individuality

One of the essential factors for a small have good emotional health is that he develops his personality. In the case of Twins , explains the specialist that since birth influences the way in which parents they educate and treat them, and that will depend on their attitudes and way of being in the future.

For that, he recommends 6 key points to give him his space to each one and that they grow knowing that they are beings individual :


  1. Avoid referring to them as "the twins". The correct thing is to use your first name . In the way that parents and family members distinguish and treat individually, they will recognize themselves that way.
  2. Dress them differently. It is common to find everywhere clothing "Exclusive for Twins ", Which consist of identical garments that are usually given away frequently. If you have them at home, one option is to combine a little shirt of a set with the trousers of another, or use accessories such as caps or bibs with different prints.
  3. Put aside the comparisons. Do not confuse what they are with what they do, since we do not all have the same abilities . A very frequent error is force to one of them to that imite to its brother because it shows older skills for some activity that stands out in the family.
  4. Respect their tastes and discover each of the children. Investigate your interests If one likes soccer, another basketball, one dance and the other swimming, the idea is support them to continue each one in what he likes most.
  5. Correct them individually. Many dads generalize all when they are Twins , even scolding. What can cause them to become dependent believing that they share responsibilities , although the other has not done anything.
  6. Give everyone their own things. Make each child dispose his toys , wardrobe , shoes and other things that they use.

Finally, the specialist explains that the fact that the children Twins spend a lot of time together does not mean you have to do the same activities . In this way they realize that they can do things for themselves.

In addition, each of the parents You must dedicate a weather Y space to each one, as it stimulates feeling that they are unique and authentic . Yesyou live or you have childrenTwins , these tips will be helpful. Enjoy them!

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