Children's dental emergencies

Hey! What is your plan for the family, especially for the children? Are you thinking about hiking or camping? How are you outdoor sports like baseball and tennis? Or why not go to the beach or the pool to sunbathe? Whatever it is, it will be very funny .

But what would happen if your children they suffer a dental emergency , like toothache and bleeding after the fall of a tooth? Would you let any of these dental emergencies ruin your plan to have a good time?

Of course not! So, better still read about these tips from first aid for these emergency cases.



Children love to eat sweets, cakes, ice cream, or popsicles. Because of this, toothache is very common for them. When you have a toothache, the first thing you should do is clean the tooth in the pain area completely .

Then, uses dental floss or salt water to dislodge the remains of food trapped in the tooth. Many times, toothache is a sign of a tooth decay problem, so it is best to check with the dentist.

Take note: do not use aspirin to calm the pain. Instead, it could take paracetamol , for the temporary relief of pain.


Bleeding after a tooth falls

The sight of blood frightens children. And so, when bleeding occurs after a tooth falls, it can also cause panic; however, you should know that the bleeding is normal when a milk tooth falls, while it is minimal.

Therefore, what you should do is apply pressure for at least 15 minutes with a clean cloth or gauze on the affected area. If it still bleeds after 15 minutes, repeat the same procedure. The bleeding will stop after that. But if it continues, then you have to go with a professional.

These two situations are some of the common dental emergencies that you can easily treat with the help of these advice from first aid . See how easy and fast you can find relief for your children's dental problems. Now, nothing can prevent them from enjoying a family outing and having a good time.

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