The side DOES matter

We are not talking about fighting for the favorite side of the bed with your partner, but to identify what is your position when you sleep and what you can do to feel better the next day.

And just tell you "tell me what position you sleep in and I'll tell you what pains you have". You probably do not pay much attention, but you might experience discomforts that have an explanation.

The side DOES matter

Researchers report, according to the Daily Record, that the best position to sleep is on the left side, especially if we are pregnant or have heart problems.

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If we do it upside down, we could damage our spine, because the pressure increases on the hip and high back. On the other hand, if we rest face down, we cause damage to the neck and lower back.

Advantages of the left side

You will wonder why specialists advise that we sleep on the one hand we determine, since this can bring us several benefits:

1. The body drains better

2. You snore less, thanks to your easier breathing

3. If you are pregnant, it will prevent you from constipating because the blood circulates better


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