Running in moderation, the key

People with an active life have a 30% lower risk of losing their life prematurely compared to those who are sedentary. Even, it is demonstrated that activities, such as run , increase the hope of lifetime .


Researchers of the University Hospital Bispebjerg of Denmark, conducted a study for 12 years in which they demonstrated that run at a moderate speed, two and a half hours distributed on three days a week, is a formula for prolong the lifetime .


Running in moderation, the key

Peter Schnohr, co-author of the study , points out that if the goal is to reduce the risk of death, run A couple of times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy.

The above because it improves the absorption of oxygen in the body, insulin sensitivity increases, reduce the levels of triglycerides and blood pressure. In addition, it increases bone density, prevents obesity and the wellness psychological, among other advantages.

Conversely,run at an intense rate of more than 11 kilometers per hour, or stay inactive increases up to 30% the chances of dying prematurely .


We believe that, in the long term, the exercise of resistance strenuous could cause risks for the health of arteries and in the heart ", Jacob Marott of the Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Perhaps, the results of this study motivate you to move more and finish with the sedentary lifestyle that affects 60% of the world population, causing serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes

So the ideal is to run 150 minutes three times a week, at an intensity of five kilometers per hour.

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