Rejuvenate your skin with red wine

The Red wine It is synonymous with one of the most popular drinks in the entire world. But the truth is that by its properties can be used for the care of the skin .

Is mask homemade is perfect if you want to achieve an effect rejuvenating , antioxidant Y anti-age . Here is the recipe


1. Four tablespoons of Red wine 2. Two tablespoons of honey


How do you prepare?

You just have to place the four tablespoons of wine in a container and add there the honey liquid Mix well until they are completely amalgamated.

Then you will not have to apply on your face Y neck with the tips of your fingers, in a circular way, to feel the rejuvenating effects of this maskantioxidant . Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with a little warm water.

After doing your beauty treatment with the mask antioxidant , tonify Y humecta your face as usual. Perform the procedure twice a week.

The benefits of red wine (black grape) and of the honey they will allow you to match the skin , remove dead cells soften wrinkles Y stains , as well as hydrate deeply. Go ahead, check it!

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