Red wine

They say that the heart is the center of love and passion. Now that the Valentine's Day , there are five splendid foods to desire and share a Healthy life.

Sara Sirna , cardiologist and professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chicago, indicates that the most recommended foods to give this Valentine's Day have to do with the prevention of heart disease and aging.


An intelligent selection of good foods also helps to increase our romantic passion, "says the researcher.


Red wine

It is an ideal gift because it contains resveratrol, a chemical that reduces blood sugar and "bad" cholesterol.

It is a source of catechisms that help improve "good" cholesterol and polyphenols, which can prevent the formation of the toxic plaque that leads to Alzheimer's.

Sirna cautions that one should drink in moderation and not consume more than one five-ounce glass (150 ml) for women and two five-ounce glasses (300 ml) for men.


Bitter chocolate

Due to its high content of cocoa (70%), this candy is rich in flavonoids, which prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries. They also stimulate the immune system. The enzymes of dark chocolate fight cancer.



Stop this February 14, win twice: dinner romantically and take care of your heart choosing a dish with fish. It is a food high in omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack.

Salmon and tuna are excellent sources of healthy fats for your heart. Canned salmon increases the intake of calcium and also helps the bones are stronger.


Nuts and almonds

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) reports that consuming a diet that includes an ounce (30 grams) of nuts a day can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Both castilla nuts and almonds contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, and mono and polyunsaturated fats.



And to close with a flourish this celebration of love, how about a little glass of champagne? Two drinks a day positively affect the heart and circulation.

Consumption in moderate amounts improves the function of blood vessels thanks to the increase in nitric oxide, an active vascular molecule that controls blood pressure. This means that it improves the flow of blood around the body.


Food for your heart

Make sure that the next romantic evening does not miss the berries. It is proven that blueberries, blueberry, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are a good source of beta carotene, lutein, polyphenols, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and fiber.

All these elements nourish the hearts most in love and what better date to include them in the romantic dinner than this Valentine's Day.