Does your partner hurt you?

You've always wondered why you fall in love with someone who does not belong to you? We love an impossible only an illusion that has to do with the fear of looking for someone with whom you can have a stable and real relationship, says the psychologist Adriana Ortiz .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the specialist of the Patient Assistance Clinic of the Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico (SPM) He points out that Platonic loves are related to someone far away, so they can not establish a real relationship.

The specialist says that this process can arise in a stage of life, such as adolescence; However, when it is not overcome, it can become an obsession, to the extent of practicing sexual harassment, feeling depressed or postponing important things by thinking about that person.

The ideal is to overcome these fears, either individually through introspection or with the help of therapy, where the priorities and the root of the fears are identified.


Does your partner hurt you?

However, what happens when we love someone who does not belong to us and hurts us? The psychologist Adriana Ortiz details that self-deception and low self-esteem are the culprits of this situation.

That is to say, "many times we think that we do not deserve to have someone better or a good deal; however, if you are physically or psychologically hurt, it is not a healthy relationship for you, "says the psychologist.

The one that you think that person can change with time; had a bad day and that is why reaction in that way, or that you provoked the aggression, means that you have a lack of conscience and to recover it you only need:


  1. Identify what makes you feel hurt
  2. Understand that love is reciprocal emotionally, that is, if you give affection you should also receive it
  3. Analyze your feelings of discomfort

"Choosing a couple depends on the self-knowledge you have, that is, on the conscience; that you establish your priorities well in terms of what you want in a relationship and follow them, "says Adriana Ortiz.

Remember that "love is not linked to suffering, on the contrary, it gives well-being, it makes us better people, it motivates us to move forward and drives to achieve our goals, it does not have to be related to abuse", concludes Adriana Ortiz. And you, have you fallen in love with an impossible?

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