Do not express emotions

Statistics show that marriages last less each time. The average age at which Mexicans marry is between 26 and 29 years old, but conflicts of partner cause the high rates of divorces give between 30 and 35.

In order to avoid this painful break and strengthen the love in partner , it is essential to recognize the situations that threaten your marriage , as pointed out by various specialists.


Do not express emotions

Carole Lieberman , a psychotherapist member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology , states that when a member of the partner does not talk about their feelings, worries or joys practically a relationship can be terminated.

When couples express their emotions and even cry together or share joys and successes they create greater intimacy and it is an excellent therapy for mutual understanding. On the contrary, silence leads to misunderstandings and discussions that break the relationship.



Accumulate resentment It is one of the worst poisons in marriage because it steals tranquility and at any moment reproaches can appear and who likes to live like that? It also affects your physical and emotional wellbeing because it causes frustration , anger and even depression .


The best way to overcome it is to learn to forgive, which is not easy. But the reward is of great value if it comes to living happily as a couple, "suggests Robert Enright , psychologist of the University of Wisconsin , U.S.


Too much negativity

Melissa Cohen , American psychotherapist , states that when in a partner there are many negative attitudes and phrases like "I know you well and ...", "I know that I will fail again", "I do not think you can", is a sure cause of discussion and loss of all active interest, excitement and joy.


With these attitudes, couples They stop sharing their inner world and the relationship can not grow. The solution is not to have high expectations and give you your trust ", it states Cohen .

Alejandro Navarrete Aguilar , clinical director of Counseling Institute of Atlanta , says that today, near the 50% of the marriages finish in divorce . If this trend continues, this figure could reach 67%.

Although conflicts in couples are inevitable, those looking for a way to solve them in common agreement are the ones that stay longer together.

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