Questions that your ex will not want to answer

Ending a relationship will always leave a huge gap in the heart and thousands of unresolved things in your head , some more intriguing than others, but according to Elite Daily , these are some questions that you would ask your ex-partner .

1. Do you think I could do something different ? Was it a defect in my character that made you walk away? Or perhaps, not what say everything ?

2. In other circumstances,you would have fought for our relationship with more strength? Do you still wonder if there it was worth it fight for me?

3. If we had known At another time, would things have ended the same? What if we had met when we had more years ?

4. Did you love me with passion and madness Or was there something from your past that prevented you from giving me all the love I expected?

5. Will you love someone in the same way you loved me? Will you commit the same mistakes ?

6. Will you ever completely get over our relationship or ever think of me ? Our time is over?

7. What you learned of our mistakes and why did it have to end that way? Why did something that started so well have to end like this?

8. Do you bored or did you just want something else? Tea regrets Of something?

9. With me, did you become a better man ? We'll continue being friends?

10. Was it you or was it you?

Among the questions you would ask your ex-partner, the last one on the list is indispensable and hardly You will have a totally sincere answer. Could you stand your answers?

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