15 tips to take care of eczema

Eczemas are often skin irritations very annoying for those who suffer. Its care and proper diagnosis is the dermatologist's task.

However, patients can help make their condition less delicate by attending to these simple tips.

  1. Keep the hydrated skin (if it is dry) applying a suitable emollient cream with the ability to restore damaged skin. Apply as many times as necessary to ensure proper hydration and restoration of the skin. It is preferable to apply a cream without perfume to avoid the possible irritations that this type of substances can cause
  2. Avoid the extreme temperatures (the ideal is around 20 º C) and sudden changes in temperature, as well as excessively dry environments
  3. Ventilate correctly the rooms of the house Y avoid the presence of domestic animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) and plants. In the bedroom it is preferable to avoid objects that store dust (cushions, rugs, stuffed animals, etc.) and use the vacuum cleaner instead of sweeping with a broom
  4. Avoid situations that provoke stress , since this is a possible triggering factor
  5. Dry the skin properly after bathing in the sea or in the pool and applying an emollient cream. It is advisable to apply a suitable sunscreen while being exposed to the sun
  6. Use "soft" clothes of cotton, yarn or corduroy and avoid wool and synthetic fabrics because they are rough and can irritate atopic skin
  7. Do not use Sports shoes for a long time
  8. Do not wrap yourself in excess and use socks and cotton socks avoiding nylon or fiber
  9. Use linens (sheets, pillows) of cotton . They should be washed before the first use and avoid the feathers on the pillows
  10. Wash clothes with mild detergents and avoid the use of chlorine. Avoid the use of softeners, as they are irritating products
  11. Avoid prolonged baths and with avery hot guide . The skin should be dried gently and without rubbing
  12. Use soft products "without soap" and slightly acid
  13. Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating
  14. Apply makeup on perfectly hydrated skin with adequate emollients
  15. Use latex gloves or cotton to perform household chores

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