Mayo Clinic creates two vaccines vs. cancer

In order to destroy the cancer cells and prevent the recurrence of this disease in mom Y ovary Mayo Clinic researchers carry out phase I clinical trials in women treated for these conditions.

After receiving authorization from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the experts developed two vaccinations that mobilize the defense mechanisms of the organism.

The immunologist at the clinic, Dr. Knutso, commented that there is trust in combining early detection with effective traditional therapies and vaccination , the recurrence and morbidity linked to both types of Cancer .

In addition, they are expected to serve to improve the capacity of the immune system, combat Cancer aggressive and avoid relapse, once the required treatments have been completed.

In this interview, Dr. Knutso tells us about the research work carried out in Mayo Clinic :

One of the vaccinations of the tests exerts a specific action on the protein present, abundantly, in both types of Cancer . Contains fragments of the folate alpha receptor, and teaches the body's immune system to detect and eliminate dead cells .

Is vaccine is the first of its kind because it is not designed for some population subgroup with categorical types of Cancer , so it could apply to most women.

On the other hand, a second vaccine was created to exert its action on the molecule Her2 / neu, a highly aggressive protein that stimulates the growth of cancer cells . This immunization could be applied to patients who previously received chemotherapy normal.

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